Households applying as new members must be located in the following 'Qualifying Addresses' comprising 15 streets and these are as follows:

Ann Street  -  Buckingham Terrace  -  Carlton Street  -  Clarendon Crescent  -  Danube Street  -  Dean Park Crescent  -  Dean Terrace  -  Eton Terrace  -  Learmonth Terrace  -  Lennox Street  -  Lennox Street Lane  -  Oxford Terrace  -  Randolph Cliff  -  St Bernards Crescent  -  Upper Dean Terrace.

If you do not live in this catchment area you will NOT be considered for new membership however, membership trends are monitored and this list of Qualifying Addresses will be reviewed from time to time.

As the Gardens is currently experiencing a period of  very strong demand WITHIN the catchment area, a Waiting List is in operation (although currently closed). While this is in operation new members will only be able to join in order of the date of their applications and as another member leaves.

NOTE:  All existing Dean Gardens members are unaffected by these catchment area arrangements however, existing members should note that memberships are personal and do not attach to specific properties. If a member moves home, a new owner does not 'inherit' a right to become a member of the Dean Gardens.

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