To resign membership please follow the steps below:

1)  Cancel your recurring direct debit with your bank.  [This automatically flags to Gardens Administration of the change in membership status.]  Gardens Administration can also be advised by replying to the most recent email received from us listed in your WebCollect. Account

2)  Return your key(s) by post to:

Gardens Administartion, The Dean Gardens, P.O. Box No. 28508, Edinburgh EH4 1ZS

Ordinary mail is acceptable but please sellotape your key(s) to some folded paper or card so that they do not work their way out of the envelope in the post.

[Alternatively keys can be hand delivered to 1/3 Eton Terrace - adjacent to the Gardens - in an envelope marked for attention of Gardens Administration.]

3)  Upon return of the key(s) all your membership information held in WebCollect and GoCardless will be deleted. 


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