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This lovely place
I passed by this lovely place this afternoon, I am a foreigner to the garden, the country, but I was there and enjoyed my time time with you. Thank you.
Posted by Shuaijun WANG on 20 June 2020
Dean Gardens
Dean Gardens is a great place to walk my dog and meet some really lovely people. Both my wife and I use the gardens almost everyday. Our pug Zelda has so many friends here. My son Maximus also loves the swing and play area.
Posted by Simon Carpenter on 23 May 2016
Great gardens
Great gardens.

Posted by Pieter Hartzer on 14 November 2014
My dear Gardens...
...I miss you so.

Posted by Sarah on 06 August 2013
Dean Gardens
I lived in Raeburn Place until immigrated to Canada in 1966. I have never walked the Water of Leith path or even see the gardens but being private when I grew up I probably did not get the chance. I have been back home many times but hope to find someone who has access on my next trip. OH! what I have missed in Stockbridge but it was a wonderful place to grow up in. Lovely memories!
Posted by Maureen Sever on 09 June 2013
No Title
Posted on 04 September 2012
Gardens in April 2011
Posted on 21 April 2011
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